Within the sermon, Brother Branham retold about the experience he had in Sunset when the whirlwind came down and he was told, “Judgment is striking the West Coast.” Then he told of a vision he had of the preview of the Bride on July 3, 1964. (The first time he told about this was in his sermon, The Masterpiece. July 5, 1964. Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA.)
“I got seven minutes to tell you something that happened day before yesterday to get out on time. July the third, I was over here setting in the center over here (shopping center, right out from us here). I been in Pigalle in Rome---in France. And I’ve been in New York City, Los Angeles, but the filthiest bunch of women I ever seen in my life is Jeffersonville, Indiana. I never seen so much gaum and filth in my life as I see amongst them people. I set there till my heart ached, and the Lord had gave me a vision. Now, I’m going to tell the vision. I don’t know that I can interpret it, but I’m going to tell the vision for my first time.

“I fell into a trance. And when I did, there was somebody with me. I didn’t see the person. It was just a voice. And I looked. And as I looked this way, he said, ‘The Bride will come in view for preview.’ And I looked coming to me, and I seen the most prettiest bunch of clean-dressed women I ever seen in my life. But each one of them, looked like, was dressed different. They all had long hair, and they were--- longer sleeves and skirts and so forth, young women--- They looked kind of, I’d say about, maybe, twenty.

“Now, I have the Bible open here before me. See? I can only say what I seen. If you say, ‘What are you looking at?’ I’m looking at a clock. ‘What are you looking for?’ I’m looking for people--- looking at people. ‘What are you looking at?’ I’m looking at the Bible. That’s what--- I’m telling the truth; that’s what I see. And I can only say what I seen. I don’t know what it--- all about it, I just have to tell you.

“But when this Bride--- She was looking right at--- (The one was talking to me, and I---standing together.) Her eyes--- She was the cleanest, sweetest looking people I ever seen in my life. Look like it could been a dozen or more, just--- I don’t know how many was abreast, but there was just a group of them. And She passed by, sweetly with a air, and her eyes up, watching as She passed by. Oh, She was beautiful. I looked at her.

“And as She passed by, he said, ‘Now, we shall review---’ Said, ‘That’s the Bride. Now, we will review the churches.’ And they come. I noticed them coming up. And when they come up, each one, look like, got worse. I never seen such a filthy bunch in my life. And when he said, ‘Next---’ I heard a noise. And it said, ‘Next,’ said, ‘here comes the American group.’

“Now, I am an American, but this just made me sick. I am not eloquent enough to, in a mixed audience, to say what was taking place; I--- You’ll have to read between the lines. But when the women were coming, the leader of them was a witch. She had a great long nose and a great big mouth. And all of them was dressed with some kind of lower clothes down here, but the top just had a strap that just---a little, about half inch strap that moved up and went around them like this. And each woman had something on the order--- Many of you, years ago used to--- Remember, when we used to cut that paper, you know, newspaper, and make an old fly-bush?

“How many remembers it? You know. Why, I think you used it in carnivals, you know. Hanging down like that, fringed paper, lace paper. They had something holding below them, like this, holding below them. All of this part was exposed. And each one had hair cut up real short, and frizzy-looking things all over it like that, real short cut hair, and full of makeup: absolutely nothing but looked like street prostitutes. And they were walking with this paper. And the vulgarity--- Now, the paper was what was hold in front of them; but when they passed the review stand, in the back of them--- And to see the way they were going on in their foremost and their back part, and how they were acting--- I thought, ‘Is that the church?’

“And there she went. And they were singing this here twist-and-roll songs, you know, ever what you call, going down, singing like, going behind--- I said, ‘Is that the church?’ And I was standing there. And in my heart I was crying. And this witch--- To my notion it’s nothing else in the world, but she’s the---she’s that World Council of Churches leading them right straight down the road where she was going. They went off to the left and disappeared in chaos, still beating this music and making real funny sounds, and shaking their bodies one side and then the other side, and then like that, carrying on like that, walking.

“And I just started to bow my head, and he said, ‘Wait, the Bride must come again.’ And I looked, and here they come again. And they passed by, sweet-looking little ladies. They was all looking right at me as they passed by. And I noticed each one was dressed different. And one in the back had kinda long hair hanging down and had it rolled around like this, might been German or something like that. And I watched them. And then, as they started leaving, two or three of them in the back…get out of step. And I was going to holler at them, and they was trying to get back in step again. And I seen them just---the vision just fade out and change from me.

“Now, here is the interpretation thereof: The reason--- Now, remember. I had just got through writing--- I hadn’t finished; I hadn’t wrote these notes yet. But in preaching this morning, I caught what it was right in my sermon. Did you notice, the church only came in view--- Now, that’s the truth, friends. The heavenly Father, Who writes the Word, knows that I tell the truth. See? I know--- I just say the truth. And not knowing it till just a few minutes ago, looked like or just recently--- See? Did you notice the Bride come in view twice? The first Seed and the second Seed, both of them exactly the same one. And the reason they were dressed in different parts, she’ll come from all nations; it’ll make up the Bride. Each one had long hair and no makeup, and real pretty girls. And they were watching me. That represented the Bride coming out of all nations. See? She--- Each one represented a nation, as they marched perfectly in line with the Word. See?

“And then, I have to watch Her. She’ll get out of step with that Word if I don’t watch, when she’s passing by, if she gets by. Maybe it’ll be my time when I’m over (See?), when I’m finished, or whatever it is.

“Watch. They was getting back, trying their best. They was getting back; they was getting in line, ‘cause they was---they was looking out somewhere else, watching about that church that just went out of---into chaos. But two--- The front ones never. The back ones---just two or three of them, was kinda stepped out a little bit to the right-hand side, and looked like was trying to get back in line as they went by. They was just passing me, oh, far as here to the wall, passing me. I was standing there. And then I just seen them all just move out and leave.

“But you notice, the church only came into view once, each nation, the church. But the Bride come in twice. See? See what it was? Now, not knowing it, but look at it with my message this morning, not knowing that. See?"

“The Seed fell in the ground at Nicaea. That was the original seed. And She's come through the process of these denominations which only comes in existence once. But the Bride returns back again in the last days: 'I will restore.' See? The Masterpiece is brought up. That's the reason She was in view---reviewed the second time. She was reviewed the first time; then she was reviewed the second time. And She's perfectly the second time like She was the first time. Oh God, have mercy. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Life, get in the Grain right quick."