In 1965, the Rat Islands off of Alaska had several large shakes. On February 4, they had a magnitude 8.7. Near the same area, they had a large shaking again on March 30, with a 7.5 magnitude. Then again, on Good Friday, April 16, 1965, it had a 5.0 magnitude shaking.
“And then I come tonight with some little notes wrote down here, and some comments upon the oncoming judgment, and knowing that we're setting here tonight with the very wrath of God jerking beneath us, and soon she'll swipe it up. And knowing that the wrath of God is waiting, just at the moment it will be said, it'll be over, for millions. And knowing that in my heart, and knowing it to be so, and then we see so many sick, pressing and pulling.

“And I thought, ‘Tonight, most of them are Christians.’ And let me say to this, to you children of God. Whatever you do, you let everything else go. You serve God day and night with all your heart. You can feel there's something wrong. You can tell it as you walk in the streets; you can, and wherever you go. You know, if you're spiritual; and I know you are.

“And I was talking to a man, Brother Stromei. I don't know whether Tony's here or not. He was--- Tony Salameh, Salameh, Salameh? No. I got the wrong Tony. No, that's the wrong Tony. This is the Tony at---of Tucson. What is his name? Stromei. I know it's Salameh, Stromei, or something. I got it.

“In his store the other day, was a man came in, was very striking; he was saying something that brought back a memory to me, when I, last time I was in India, where I think the Lord gave us the greatest crowd we ever had at one time, was in Bombay. We couldn't even find places nowhere to put them, tens of thousands and thousands of people.

“And just before we got there, there was a newspaper translated. Well, it was; India's a bilingual country, it was the English paper. And said, ‘Well, the earthquakes must be over--- the birds are flying back to their home in their nests.’

“A few days before the earthquake come, that tore down the fences and things. The little birds find themselves shelters in the rocks and build their nests. And in the afternoon or in midday when the sun's real hot, all the animals stand around those rock walls to get in the shade. And for 2 days the birds stayed out in the trees--- they wouldn't come to their nests. And 2 days, the animals, the sheep, and cattle, they would not come around in the afternoon or hang around those walls. They stayed out in the field and leaned against each other for shade.

“Then all at once an earthquake that just shook the walls and tore down the buildings. And, see, if those little birds had been in there, they'd have perished. If the cattle had been standing beneath it, and the sheep, they'd have perished. God warning nature.

“A few days ago, down in Brother Tony's store, I was listening to a man there that said--- When this earthquake taken place in Alaska, he was fishing down in what we call Stony Point, at Mexico. And he said the birds wouldn't feed, and the fish wouldn't feed. There was something wrong. And all at once the earthquake broke loose.

“And the other day when that one happened over in India, or wherever it was, he said he was fishing again. And he thought, ‘Well, it's strange. Those fish feed about this time. There's not a roll in the water nowhere.’ The water's just as quiet, perfect time for the fish to feed, but they didn't feed. And all the birds that's usually out there, the gulls, picking up these fish and things, was all walking around on the bank, huddling one against another. In a few moments, the sea moss from the bottom begin to come up like that, a earthquake had happened across the other side of the earth.

“See, them fish knowed there was something wrong--- something was fixing to happen. Those birds knew the same.

“Surely, if God gives a fish and a bird discernment, how much more should He give His children. We know that we're at the end time and judgment is waiting, so let's be real reverent. Flee to God with all your heart. ‘O Capernaum, thou who art exalted into heaven, will be brought down into hell,’ [Matthew 11:23; Luke 10:15] and today she lays beneath the bed of the waters. Just remember and pray.”