1 Rapturing faith
2 Speak and go forward
3 Won't bow to that image
4 Three principle powers
5 That's how we know that it's at the hand
6 A Word to the Church
7 The earth shall pass away
8 The right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God will bring it to pass
9 Rapturing faith
10 God doesn't use His power and His gifts for foolishness
11 All things are possible to them that believe. No matter what it is.
12 I love this old time religion
13 Jesus has everything you need...
14 We feel our daily task and what our work calls
15 Do you believe in holiness
16 One another's spirit
17 Love as much as anyone else
18 Made a reputation
19 Baptism- Jew-Gentile-Samaritan-Baptist
20 When Divine love has been projected
21 If he has a gift of God and he's trying to edify the Body of Christ
22 Dimensions
23 He got lifted up in his heart with pride
24 Don't never be afraid to put any Divine promise of God to action
25 You can't have faith till you have love
26 The most essential thing in the Kingdom of God is love
27 We should be constantly giving ourselves to the Word of God and prayer
28 Kneeology
29 God’s throne is in the human heart
30 Love
31 If you say to this mountain, Be moved; and don’t doubt in your heart
32 Perfect faith is pure, just as pure as love is
33 Happiness does not consist of how much of the world's goods you own
34 Don’t let the devil know that
35 When you receive the Holy Ghost, everything you've got need of between here and glory is right in you then
36 How do you tackle your work each day
37 God Who is rich in mercy
38 Redeeming Love
39 So that makes my motive, my objective right.
40 Obeying God
41 A man that would proselyte...
42 Then I was borned again
43 Watch the Spirit of God and the spirit of the Devil working
44 It was where a great crisis had come
45 Genuine love for God
46 Month or so
47 Everything that you have need of in earth's journey is in you when you receive the Holy Spirit
48 Old man devil, you've held me long enough
49 That's where the power of God comes
50 Believe
51 Wrong in Theology
52 I can brag on my Lord Jesus Who has redeemed me
53 When people die, they don't immediately go up with God
54 God in simplicity
55 Why do we come to these troubles?
56 Create an atmosphere
57 There never was a character like Jesus Christ
58 What is the believer?
59 Believe For Your House
60 Every Word Is A Seed
61 By faith are you healed
62 Revival - 4 things
63 It's the scare that burns you
64 Love produces faith
65 God’s Words are true
66 But the way up is down in God
67 They can just dig deeper and get a better hold
68 Think On Him
69 Until the life of Christ is reflected in your life
70 Man's measured by character
71 Don't commercialize God
72 Our soul rests solemnly upon His Word
73 The trouble of it is, we think sometimes God's angry with us
74 Healing is of God alone
75 Just as you expect, that's what you get
76 Love one another
77 No matter what you'd ever do to me
78 Create the atmosphere
79 Let us all tonight check our desires
80 Every Promise Will Be Brought To Pass
81 Because sometime, evil befalls you or something
82 God is sovereign
83 Man's not measured by his muscles
84 Remember, that God doesn't have stuffed-out shirts
85 God wants us to be stabled
86 Love covers up a multitude of sin
87 He's depending on you to project His love to the sinner
88 Don't remain on in the same condition you've been going in
89 You don't judge man by muscle, you judge man by character
90 We're never out of order: when we're praying
91 Always notice, a big man humbles himself
92 Old-time religion will do for you
93 You must test your motive and objective first
94 We don’t use the gift of God for commercial
95 God never sends judgment until first He sends His mercy
96 Jesus gave us the Example of what we ought to be looking at
97 Create that atmosphere around you
98 Perfect love casts out all fear which gives faith
99 Don't expect to know God by education or theology
100 As long as man works in his own plan, he will be a failure
101 Somebody wants their name in some big something
102 God's looking for character, not membership
103 Choice is a great thing
104 You are a creator yourself, a miniature creator
105 Main thing in life is to get ready to meet God
106 Did you ever meet people that you just loved to be with?
107 Right mental attitude toward any Divine promise of God
108 Medicine can't keep you here - It's all up to God
109 If you’re determined to seek God, God will make a way for you
110 Book of Acts written
111 There's one thing Jesus Christ lacked; it was showmanship
112 The great Joshua, the Holy Ghost...
113 When you see the church getting worldly
114 Too many things ahead of the Lord
115 No matter what anybody's done
116 Lady in wheelchair healed
117 When God sends the Holy Ghost and knocks at a man's door
118 We create a--our atmosphere around us
119 Faith is designed to see what God wills and wants
120 Unless that real perfect love is in there
121 See our loved ones - watching their character
122 That's the real Gospel story
123 A man's not judged by how many muscles he's got; that's beast
124 Jesus may act like He's going to pass you by
125 It's those crucial hours that press us on to those sacred sands
126 Get to a spot that you can love everybody, every enemy, everything else
127 Standing, in a moment in a twinkling of an eye
128 It's your character; that's what God's a looking at
129 He's always thanking God for what He has done, looking forward for what He will do, and ignoring what He's doing
130 Did you know, you are a little creator yourself?
131 You’ve got to have a motive and objective to that
132 Your achievement is only by your motive and your objective
133 Real genuine love will create a confidence in His Word
134 I believe that when God calls a man to service, if he's a married man and has a helpmate, He calls his wife with him
135 If you’re sincere and know that it’s right, then you can ask God with a clean heart
136 Oh, what glorious fellowship, just to get down, and talk, and commune, and wait for Him to talk back
137 If you can take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God, He’ll bring it to pass
138 You don't have to stick a knife in a man's back to kill him; you can break his character and kill him, kill his influence
139 Whatever God wants you to do, then you do that the very best that you know how to do it
140 Talk-Sing-Love Him-Keep Him on your heart and mind all the day and night
141 God never even brings judgment upon the earth without first giving the people a warning - choice
142 I believe that both sides are wrong as long as they argue one with the other
143 If I thought He was coming in the morning, tonight I'd preach the same message I'm preaching now
144 God's looking for character from men and women who can conduct themselves as sons and daughters of the King
145 Can we stand by the looking glass of God's Word and see Christ reflect in our own lives then?
146 The Gospel is the power of God to make the Word act what It says It'll do
147 You know the Holy Spirit feeds on the Word of God, and it's good for you to read
148 Always to find out something first is to find whether it’s the will of God or not
149 This will all men know that you're My disciples, when you have love one for another
150 If your objective is right and your motive’s right then say to this mountain
151 Let the mind that was in Christ be in you, then you'll recognize the Word
152 When my motive and objective is right, and God in my heart is leading me
153 I can sincerely say that I have never asked Christ sincerely for anything...
154 I would rather have a church that knows nothing about any spiritual gift, and just be so in love with each other and with Christ...
155 We make our great mistakes is we do all the talking and don't wait and give Him a chance to answer back
156 Some of my greatest experiences I've ever witnessed before God, is when I got to a place where I couldn't go over, under, or around, but just stand still