In 1965, the Rat Islands off of Alaska had several large shakes. On February 4, they had a magnitude 8.7. Near the same area, they had a large shaking again on March 30, with a 7.5 magnitude. Then again, on Good Friday, April 16, 1965, it had a 5.0 magnitude shaking.

In a sermon on April 26, 1965, Brother Branham told the people in Los Angeles, California, about how the birds and animals in India sensed the danger prior to the earthquake. For a few days prior to the earthquake, the birds had left their nests in the rocks of the fences and stayed in the trees, and the animals that usually stood around the rock walls to get shade stayed in the field and leaned against each other for shade. Then an earthquake hit and the buildings and wall collapsed. If the birds and animals had been standing around as normal, they would have perished.

He then told about the experience a man had when the 1964 Alaskan earthquake took place. While he was fishing in Mexico, he noticed the birds and fish weren’t feeding at the normal time. Then the Alaskan earthquake hit. This man had a similar experience when the earthquake in India struck. The fish weren’t feeding and the birds that feed on the fish were walking around on the bank and huddling together. Shortly after this, the moss from the bottom of the sea surfaced after the earthquake happened on the other side of the earth. Brother Branham concluded that God warned nature.

“Surely, if God gives a fish and a bird discernment, how much more should He give His children. We know that we’re at the end time and judgment is waiting, so let’s be real reverent. Flee to God with all your heart. 'O Capernaum, thou who art exalted into heaven, will be brought down into hell,' [Matthew 11:23; Luke 10:15] and today she lays beneath the bed of the waters. Just remember and pray.”