“Oh, my, people, where are we at?

“Nations are breaking, Israel's awak'ning, The signs that the prophets foretold. The Gentile days numbered, With horrors encumbered, (Watch her slide into the sea.) Return, O dispersed, to your own. The day of redemption is near, Man's hearts are failing for fear. Be filled with the Spirit, Have your lamps trimmed and clear, Look up! Your redemption is near.

“Brother, sister, it’s a scary time. Watch the things that’s prophesied. Watch the things happen. Watch all the prophecy being fulfilled, then we see what all this is about. It’s not a bunch, a streak of fanaticism. It’s God confirming His Words exactly, exactly. The Rock is smitten, friends, flee to It as quick as you can. Prophecy is vindicating the day that we're living in."