by F. F. Bosworth

Christ The Healer bookBrother F. F. Bosworth spoke of divine healing as it is shown in the Bible. In 1950, Dr. Best, a preacher who did not believe in divine healing, called a debate with Brother William Branham concerning divine healing. Brother Branham, who was in the city conducting a divine healing campaign, refused to debate Dr. Best on the basis that he didn’t believe in fussing, but rather in preaching the Gospel. Brother Bosworth was traveling with Brother Branham at this time and offered to take the debate. Brother Branham agreed that he could, as long as he didn’t fuss.

After the debate was clearly shown that divine healing is spoken of in the Bible, the Pillar of Fire was photographed over Brother Branham’s head. The negative for this photograph was examined by George J. Lacy (an examiner of questioned documents), and his conclusion was “I am of the definite opinion that the negative submitted for examination, was not retouched nor was it a composite or double exposed negative. Further, I am of the definite opinion that the light streak appearing above the head in the halo position was caused by light striking the negative.”

This book, Christ the Healer, does not relate this event, but does relate how divine healing is spoken of in the Bible.